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NMRV series worm gear reducer
  • NMRV series worm gear reducer

NMRV series worm gear reducer

NMRV series worm gear reducer is a new generation product developed on the basis of the original WP series products and integrating the international advanced technology. It adopts an advanced square box structure and high-quality aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting, with small volume, lightweight, high strength, fast heat dissipation, beautiful and durable.
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  • Use and safety guarantee

    1. Before use, please make sure the worm gear reducer and mechanical safety supporting strength, are within the safety of worm gear reducer performance parameters.

    2. The worm gear reducer has been filled with WA460 lubricating oil at the factory, and the lubricating oil should be replaced at the beginning of 400 hours of operation, and the subsequent oil change cycle is about 4000 hours.

    3. Enough lubricating oil should be kept in the worm gear reducer case, and the oil quantity should be checked regularly.

    4. Avoid sharp instruments touching the output shaft oil seal during installation to cause oil leakage from the gearbox.

    5. Please confirm the rotating direction before connecting with the machine, if the rotating direction is not normal, it may hurt or damage the device.

    6. Please install a safety cover etc. on the rotating part to prevent injury.

    7. If it falls off or falls over when moving, it is dangerous, so please pay full attention to it.

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